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  • Hi Antenna Man! Shane from Dish North. Claude used to be able to sell me DirecTV receivers for my camper jobs, but he is now doing only commercial.

    I have a camper that has an existing ATT Directv account. He is looking to have us add 2 H25 HD receivers and install the slimline dish. Can you help us out by either promo/selling us the receivers?

    Customer's information is: information redacted for privacy of customer... please call or email directly

    My information for contact is:

    Shane Sundet
    Dish North
    414 1st Street West
    Park Rapids, MN 56470

    218-237-3474 cell
    218-732-1991 office

    Please reply as soon as you can as the customer is looking for us to solve his issue :)

    I want to install hopper 3 ,but I neeed the international channels what kind of lnd I should use for 500+ ;
    Jeff, Just saw I had an unread message. Don't know how I missed it.
    Thanks, MIke
    We've had more heavy wet snow than usual this winter. Storms with 6" of snow then it rains, which kills the signal.
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