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  • Has anyone else had a problem with a check switch returning return this.
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    Hi Andy, could you share a telephone contact number. I have a combination DirecTV & Dish Network project I could use a consult on. Thanks. Rick Collier ESGSAT 540 624 0823 cell
    Andy, i've finally quit DISH & Dow "canned me" before I could install myself. I've got a 722 that i used to use from my showroom account & I need to get my own residential account (guess I can't just activate it through another dealer). Are you be interested in "setting me up" as a new customer? I really only need one Dual HD DVR tuner. I'm currently using a DISH 500 Antenna and a 61.5 Dish 300 Antenna for my HD. I've actually got a DISH 1000.2 DISH and LNBF that I never installed. If you want to work something out, you could just ship me the receiver and I would do all the "install work" myself. If you are interested, call me at (478) 361-9678 and we can talk. I work for the AF at Robins AFB in a secure area, so I won't have my cell during the day Wednesday. I'll check my messages at lunch and if you want to email me you can at If you are not interested, I'm going to post to the Retailer thread to see if anyone elses wants a new customer.
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