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  • Claude I no longer do directv but would be happy to send you $50 for any referral in my area N.E. Missouri 63501
    Claude this is jeff in ky Jambers installer.Been trying to get in touch with you to sell Directv I’m using Erin’s login for now .can you email or call me or 6062710999
    Claude, what's your email and phone? I'll pass it on to Jeff Smith my installer in Kentucky. He's got two sales.
    Hi Claude. Need a phone number that gets to you around the Dish Network phone cue. The number I have is 313-365-6000 and you have that ported out to your sales force. Thanks Rick Collier 540-624-0823 cell
    Claude every once in a while I direct my customers to Time Warner for internet service on especially the $14.99 Every Day Low price service. Do you sell it? Is there any profit in it? If I give them your phone number?
    Claude, looking for a 211 or 211k, with a uhf remote kit, anyone who will sell me one?

    TKS Rick
    Claude. I have a potential customer. I drove by the house and will find out tomorrow or Monday if there is line of site. Doesn't look to good for Dish Network. How much do you offer for a sale and install?? I'm in the Omaha Ne. area. I can get the Dish, LNB ( I would ned a SWM-3) All I would need is recievers. He's talking four or 5 T.V.'s and would need all HD due to using the SWM-3 Thankls - Rob Paczkowski 402-677-7714
    Claude. How are you? Been a while. I have been suffering from major illness and have been deemed disabled. I was not able to renew my dealership this go around as I am unable to work. I have a friend and brother in law that has been selling sat systems for years. He has many offshore accounts that he manages and let his dealership go years ago as it caused a conflict. He got his recievers and dishes through me for years. He buys like 20 recievers at a time. Most of the time there is a $35.00 add on comm involved and I would keep it for the service. He is in need of a dealer that would be willing to supply him equipment from time to time. He pays upfront. If you or someone else can help him in this manner please let me know and I will connect him to whomever. He has probably 60% or more of the accounts in the Gulf of Mexico. he is in need of 10-20 311's and some HD recievers now.

    I have a client w bell Expressvu. Needs to hit 82 and 91 satellites. I saw a post form you back in 07 that said you did it w a dish 500.

    1. Can I assume a DP34 with a DPtwin will work to do more than 2 recievers? Or is there a better option?

    How would I find pointing parameters on this setup, since its not going to be in the Dish setup menu, not on my Superbuddy I dont think.


    Frank Nagy
    Claude, would you check into who this is, and there is another one doing the same nonsense. The first one is :cdef456's, the second one is Jlmk something I, think.
    Anyway , they both post simple nonsense jibberish .

    he guy below has posted weird spam messages throughout the forum.
    I was going to ban him and remove the messages that he has posted.... But thought maybe there is something that you would like to see in the posts/registration.

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    Claude, not able to upload pics, any Ideas? Who is sending in the junk Msg's....

    Claude, I've sent six (6) emails to your man Mike. He's assured me that you would send the $100.00 commission check for a HN job I passed on to you back in Nov.08. What's up?
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