WIFI for office. Need some help


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OK I got a commercial customer. They have internet through Comcast. Office is about 100x100 feet in size. They want me to install some sort of basic WIFI so that they can stream some TV stuff. It is a drop ceiling. I need a simple setup with a few WIFI repeater type things that can easily mount in the drop ceiling.

I would appreciate some ideas from experienced guys who have set such systems. Something that is easy to install that will work. I know it is probably simple, but I am not real good on internet stuff.

thanks in advance.

claude greiner

Staff member
Look up EERO. They make a Poe system.

Looking at at about $175 per access point including POE converter

I got about 20 in my office, spread accross 4 buildings.

They work great, simple to configure. Customer can manage network on smart phone