Who knew, my GotW3 modem is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A


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Ran the imei number of my GotW3 modem and it is tied to a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Here's a screenshot of the results


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And I bet that's why all of these are throttled. Now T-Mobile SIMS are to be swapped. I would bet that this is a house of cards that is collapsing as we speak.


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This has been fun huh?
Absolute nightmare!! When I talked to Scott the other day at GotW3 I explained to him that a HUGE part of the problem is that we send these emails with the info they want but get NO reply.....zero....nadda. Then we get chided for sending multiple emails about the same account. I said "Scott, if you and I were performing a task and you asked me to do something important and I didn't reply, what would you think?" "Would you ask again? Of course you would because you would believe I didn't hear your request." Went in one ear and out the other. He said they were going to try to do a better job of communication in the future. That is the EXACT same reply I got over and over at those Viasat dealer meetings. Talk, no action.


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We will be mailing a new SIM card to you the week of November 16 through the U.S. Postal Service.
You will need to replace your current SIM Card by November 21 to prevent disruption of your service.
To ensure that your gotW3 service continues to operate smoothly, our carrier is requiring that we update your gotW3 router's SIM card.
Your gotW3 service plan remains the same. There is no charge for this update.
The mailing address and subscriber information we have for you is below:
gotW3 Subscriber ID: 1826627000000778590
PIQUA, OHIO, 45356
> If this address is NOT current, please click here to provide your current mailing address. You'll need to enter your email address and gotW3 Subscriber ID, too.
If the address above IS your current address, simply watch for the arrival of your new SIM card. The steps for replacing your current gotW3 router SIM card with your new one will be included. There is no need to respond to this message if all of your contact information is correct.
If you have questions or need assistance after you receive your new SIM card, the fastest way for us to help you is by email. Please contact us at urbanupdate@revgennetworks.com.


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I wonder if this is for just some T-Mobile customers or all. I've got two T-Mobile units and haven't gotten this email.