Dish Network Retailer
November 2, 2020
TO: gotW3 Dealers
RE: Carrier Outage Update
As you know, gotW3 is experiencing connectivity issues. We're writing to update you about what we've learned from our carrier and share the steps we've taken to address these challenges.

  • 25% of customers are being throttled due to a carrier sequencing issue (IMEI, SIM and PTN).

  • The carrier is experiencing outages and heavy demand in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Texas and Florida

  • We were unaware of this carrier-based issue until late Thursday, so we didn’t know what messaging to put out to customers.

  • On Friday morning, the carrier provided us a list of customers with issues from the system upgrade, and we emailed these customers on Friday afternoon.

  • gotW3 has 50 team members fielding calls and emails from 25% of our customers and 2,200 dealers.

We are asking dealers to submit one customer issue within a 24 period. The carrier has reported that multiple requests are also causing issues with customer lines.

The issues we are experiencing are also being experienced by our competitors. This is not an internal gotW3 issue.

Some customers are experiencing success by logging into the router and switching the "PDP Type" from IPv4v6 to IPv4. Please keep in mind this fix does not work for all customers.

We will continue to keep you and the customers impacted by this outage in the loop on a daily basis.

Rest assured... we are working around the clock with the carrier on a timely resolution. Once we have this matter resolved, we will address credits to customers affected. We will either issue a monthly discount or move their bill date back for the time they have been without internet service.

Thank you, in advance, for your patience, cooperation and continued support of gotW3.

The gotW3 Team


Dish Network Retailer
Damn. Wish we got this email. Don't see anything on the Portal. Did you get from your distributor or GW3 directly?

chief engineer

Dish Network Retailer
This thing is Dead, nothing but troubles one after another. The bottom line it doesn't work. It will not allow transport streams, can't stream anything from android based boxes. They have not credited my bad accounts even after the promised. me. Have now four useless modems. Lost my money on this pipe dream. They are lying to us. They are using cell phone chips, tablet chips in their boxes and got caught. They soon will go out of business.


Dish Network Retailer

Mark Kerwin via cvsmain.onmicrosoft.com​

6:23 AM (4 hours ago)
to Mark
Collins Retailers

We had long call with Got W3 yesterday that include John Collins and Keven from GOT W3. It was a very interesting call and a lot of what was covered is in letter you should have received yesterday

I am giving a little more insight of what is going on:

ATT Information

  • Got W3 is still moving through the list of names retailers have sent to them but is very slow. They are still working on a mass change over but is taking a little longer they have main call today with ATT to get more updates. The bottom line is they have a target date of 10 November 2020 of getting all these fixed.
  • In the mean time if have already sent information on customer do not send again unless contacted by Got W3. They are getting so many sent from us, you and customers is even confusing the system even more.
  • When they get this finalized we have been told customers involved will receive email with a button to push after entering some simple information of account and will be transferred over to new profile
  • Once again this is ATT issue and with other ATT challenges in our area is making it even worse so please be patient
    • This is affecting all other vendors also doing same type of program and some are even is worse situation or soon will be
  • If you do have new ones it is better to take a snap shot of information below (IMEI, SIM and PTN) and send to dealersupport@revgennetworks.com
    • These are all on the front page of router after logging into it through the 192.168.100. 1URL
    • The reason for this is because ATT did not load up properly, so if data is not matching these 3 things is putting them on a different plan and throttling them. I am experiencing this on my personal account where it is throttled comes back on great about every 4 hours then drops off. This is what is making it so confusing because some of them actually locked in and are working great
  • They understand that customers are frustrated and continue to work with ATT to get this accomplished sooner
    • Customers will receive some sort of confiscation for the time they are down
  • They assured John once we get through this they have a strong plan with ATT for future customers and be back to what we were doing up to about 60 days ago. The swap did not help because the program we are talking about was suppose to be completed by ATT before the swap.


  • T-Mobile has its own situation with the merger between them and Sprint. They are slowed down right now with activations looking at what direction they need to do. We only have a small hand full of retailers doing T-Mobile so if you want to contact me personally I will explain better. I am busy most of the day today but will take calls from 3PM – 5PM for retailers wanting to talk about this. I will try to reach out to some of you between my other DISH and Hughes meetings I have today.

Other Challenges

  • If you have other challenges such as customers asking for other credits or had outages before this swap please send to dealrsupport@revgennetworks.com. Once again if sent before they are trying to work!

Sorry if some typos it is 5am this morning but wanted to get out to you. That is good excuse I type like I talk and did not have my team check before I sent


Dish Network Retailer
November 18, 2020
TO: gotW3 Dealers
RE: APN Update
Great News...

We have just been informed that our APN will be live on the AT&T network for testing on Friday, November 20.

We will begin migrating the customers who have been experiencing throttling of their line on Saturday, November 21, and will hopefully complete those conversions by Monday. This will depend on the customers successfully completing the update to our new APN accessrgn.net.

We will be sending out an email to customers with the minimal steps involved and we will send you a copy of this email as well.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

The gotW3 Team


Staff member
So they're going to send an email to customers who don't have functioning internet.........yep, no problem there.


Dish Network Retailer
Was just told by my rep at Collins that T-Mobile is delaying the sim card update until after the holidays. :ROFLMAO:😂😅 and the AT&T APN update does have to be done manually by the customer for them to have any chance of having internet next week.


Staff member
Was just told by my rep at Collins that T-Mobile is delaying the sim card update until after the holidays. :ROFLMAO:😂😅 and the AT&T APN update does have to be done manually by the customer for them to have any chance of having internet next week.
At least your rep keeps you guys up to date. I get NOTHING from mine.

Alllllll daaaaaaayyyyy long....the phone rang
Customer: "I got that new sim from otwg3 (some of you will get it) and I keep putting in my old sim number but it won't accept it".

Me: "Their instructions neglected to inform you that you that you must put an F at the end"

Customer: "Why in the world would they not make sure the directions were correct BEFORE they mailed them out?"

Me: "Good question. Personally I chalk it up to eating too many paint chips as a child"