Think you're pissed off NOW?


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For those of you who think that GotW3 couldn't get any more stupid. In a few weeks they intend on having customers change their apn settings.....again.

They said NOT to worry however....the retailers shouldn't be impacted at all.

IF they DO this and it turns into a turd I am seriously considering closing the store for a week. No WAY am I going through this excrement for a 4th time.


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I had heard. It's supposed to one easy step they click on it downloads itself. 😂🤣😂 We'll see.

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It was so pleasant doing a ViaSat install a couple of days ago. I even was given lunch. The guy works as a rep for Fuji bicycles, but he was a heck of a cook. He made this from scratch as I watched. 😃


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