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The fiber buildout continues


Dish Network Retailer
Jan 12, 1999
From TELEPHONY magazine, 1/20/05:

Verizon this week has announced the next two states for its fiber-to-the-premises network deployment and detailed the cities to be served in other states.

Northeastern Indiana and Rhode Island are the two states into which Verizon will next launch FIOS, its fiber-based access service which initially will deliver high-speed Internet access at speeds up to 30 Mpbs.

In Indiana, the towns of New Haven and Fort Wayne will be wired over the next two years, while in Rhode Island, the first designated construction will take place in North Kingstown and Warwick. In addition, Verizon is opening a customer service center in Providence, R.I., which will initially employ 150 customer service representatives.

The latest announcements brings to 11 the total number of states in which Verizon is building fiber optic networks.

The telecom giant also chose to disclose this week the specific towns it will be serving in Massachusetts and New York. That list includes 19 municipal areas in Middlesex and Essex counties in Massachusetts, 25 communities in Westchester and Rockland counties in upstate New York, and 13 communities on Long Island."


On a long vacation!
Sep 5, 2001
Yep and these telecos take a lot bigger toll than cable ever did, because of their bundling offers. Prepare to get whacked if they are coming your way.
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