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I am in the process of laying the groundwork for the next few months and I am very much considering adding some outside sales people. For those of you who have a successful outside sales force, would you mind sharing your experience and expertise. Things I am looking at are, commission structure, close rate, handling of paperwork, presentation materials, script, etc.
Of course, if there is anything you would like to add, please feel free.

I have already gotten some good advice from some folks, but I am trying to find consistant traits in successful programs.

As always, thanks in advance for your input.


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you need eyes in the back of your head and you'll get the eternal gratitude of E* for training the new wave of dealers every, oh...six months or so...

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This is what I use.


waddaya mean the retailer said he ran your credit and it didn't go thru, we don't do that, when do you want your Digital Home Plan installed?
Outside reps seem to have all the specials you never heard of.
also be carefull, the favorite around here is fake credit cards, a neighbors of a friends credit card, or old customers with a new work phone number or an address change of one number.
We stopped after one rep was using his mothers credit card for sales.
Make sure you keep installers away from sales reps. and call eery customer before installation and after.