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"Leave your attitude outside"


Staff member
Sep 27, 2000
We've had WAY over our share of customers coming in the store with what my Wife calls a "passive aggressive" attitude. It's almost always older men who think their sarcasm and snotty attitude is somehow cute and impressive. Kinda like what we see here on this board from some. I noticed the other day a blue piece of paper was taped to the front door. It basically said " We realize these are stressful times for everyone and we are all trying to make the best out of a bad situation but please leave your ATTITUDE outside this store". I couldn't help but laugh.

Later that day Erin said some old coot pulled up and got out with his face looking he just got through sucking on a dozen lemons....he got to the door, read the note and swung around and got back in his truck and wheeled out of the parking lot. WHAT kind of butthole do you have to be to RECOGNIZE this note was aimed at YOUR kind??? He obviously wanted to come in and unload on us about some perceived diss he was feeling subjected to.

Later that same day a local lawyer drove up, he came to the door, read the note and came in laughing out loud. He said he WISHED he could put a note like that on HIS door. He didn't even HAVE to ask why the note was put up.....he just commented that people these days DO seem to be in a contest to see just who can be the most rude and childish. Erin then told him about the old fart who pulled up and left earlier and he busted up laughing again and commented on how crotchety do you have to be to read a note saying "no buttholes" and realize they are speaking of YOU!!


Dish Network Retailer
Apr 9, 2001
how crotchety do you have to be to read a note saying "no buttholes" and realize they are speaking of YOU!!
As Marshall Raylan Givens observed in the great TV show "Justified":

"If you meet an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole. If you meet assholes all day, YOU'RE the asshole".
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