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Anyone seeing an inordinate amount of pixelating on 622? For the last two weeks, particulary the locals (Atlanta) are real shaky. Signal strength is in the 80s on 129. Just wondering if this is seen by others. I had two trouble calls today with same issues and I was unable to resolve either. Thanks


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Welcome to the board Hwalls. Can't help you on your question, but somebody should respond soon.


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i have a 622 on the showroom acct. don't see any problem yet. i'll be looking. any weather issues? welcome aboard the board.


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Shaky Atlanta Locals

I had two customers call yesterday with the same complaint. I assumed it would be the Lnb. Haven't made the s/c yet. Have you come up with anything yet?


Had another service call today with shaky locals and did a new install with a 622...had shaky locals...All I could do was tell the customer it was a software issue and should be fixed soon. Weather is not an issue and signal strengths are excellent.


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REAL, REAL odd, as I have a customer with a 625 and have been having the same problem. THE LOCALS. ONLY SOME of the locals. Was affecting tv2 and now tv2 only in the evening. THESE are not HD either.

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After thinking about this for a while I wonder if it is the uplinks more than the down. I have satellite, OTA, and cable (from tapping into my broadband, don't tell anybody). It seems to me I have noticed it a little more often on OTA and cable also.
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