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Heads up if you're signing up for GotW3 through DSI.

Antenna Man

Dish Network Retailer
May 17, 1999
Sent my Demo account form in, with a picture of the SIM card. The next day I asked my rep how do we pay the monthly bill because there was no place to enter a CC#. She'll have to check. Last night I get an email from a Bob Popovich at DSI saying my app wasn't complete, I hadn't sent a picture of both sides of our CC. He included a link to edit my form. Besides informing Bob I certainly did complete the form in full, it was the form that was lacking, I also told him I'm not sending my CC# to any dealer who clicks on the lin he sent. WHAT? Last night the link brought up all the info for a Mike Woodward, Trenton, Fl. I tried again today and got someone in Ca. Someone has a problem.


Staff member
Sep 27, 2000
I'm glad Bob is still with DSI. He's a good guy....they are still probably getting the bugs out of the system. Of all the people I met out at the Viasat Dealer Council meetings, he's one of the ones who I still remember...in a GOOD way.
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