Gotw3 Rural Sim Card Updates


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Anybody having fun with this, this morning? Got 8 people so far on my callback list that say they got their sim cards updated, and now they have slow or no internet. Got this from my Collins rep about 30 minutes ago:
There are lines down right now with ATT. ATT is working on this problem right now with GotW3. If you follow the steps above and it’s still showing slow speeds, it is a part of this outage that they are working on.
I can't believe I have to deal with a Sim Card Update and lines being down at the same time.

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You beat me here. I just got back from a good friend who's running 0.01 DN/0.01 up. 2 others have called also. I left my demo unit which I didn't get set a new card for, placed it on the window sill next my friend's modem. Mine gets 15dn/10 up. Outside I get 35/15. My Att Opus iPad get the faster speed inside, I didn't try it outside.


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Such bullshit. Surprisingly of the dozen people that have called in, all did the sim card update successfully. They were all working yesterday. Now the lines are down. I also have a couple people that didn't get a new sim card yet that should have. What's next?


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Not sure if this will work in every case but we had a customer call who had this problem. We told him to turn off his unit for 30 FULL minutes. Plug back in AND do a hard reset. He called a few minutes ago and said his speeds are back to normal..........for now.

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TO: gotW3 Dealers
RE: New SIM Card and APN Update Troubleshooting Instructions​
As of this morning, 67% of customers have converted to their new SIM Card.

As soon as Customers Validate their new SIM Card they can use it. Please tell them it could take up to 24-48 hours for their new SIM Card to be Activated.

Customers who do not have internet service after Activationshould perform a hard reset. Here's how:
  • There is a hole on the back of the router labeled Reset.
  • With the router on, push a straight pin or the end of an open paperclip into the hole.
  • Hold it in place for about 20 seconds, until the router flashes and then comes back on.

If Customers need to perform a factory reset, for security reasons, it is recommended they change the default passwords to their own unique passwords by logging back into the router.

The Factory Defaults for the C4R400 Router are:
  • WiFi password: 1234567890
  • Router password: admin (all lower case)
  • APN default should be 'broadband'

In most cases the hard reset will result in an APN change to 'broadband' and service will be restored. (Customers should now be using the 'broadband' APN setting for gotW3 service and not use the '' or '' until further notice.)

What to do if the hard reset does not restore service:

The next step is for Customers to verify that their apn is 'broadband' - here's how.

  • Establish a connection to their C4R400 router's Wi-Fi
  • SSID-Network name: LTE_CPE ####
  • Default Password: 1234567890
  • Using any browser, type into the URL bar (they cannot use the search bar - it will not work)
  • Log in with this password: admin
  • Click on network settings, and then click on APN on the left hand side. Look at the APN setting - it should be set to 'broadband.'
  • If is indicates 'broadband' they should turn off their gotW3 router for 5 minutes, and then turn it back on.

If a Customer's APN is 'broadband' but the Customer is still having connectivity challenges, please tell them to contact us at:

Customers whose APN is NOT 'broadband' need to follow these steps while they are logged into the router:

  • On the left side of the first screen of the router's interface - where it shows connection status, click where it says ON to turn connected status off.
  • In the middle of the GUI it says Network Settings and WiFi Settings. Select Network Settings.
  • Third option down on the left-hand side in the Network Settings menu is APN. Select APN.
  • You'll see Auto and Manual for the APN. Select Manual.
  • A blue button with white letters, ADD NEW, will appear. Select ADD NEW.
  • For the PDP Type leave as IPV4.
  • For the profile name, type in all uppercase letters ATTB2.
  • For the APN, type in all lowercase letters type broadband.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click APPLY. Successshould pop up on the screen.
  • Now click SET AS DEFAULT. Success should pop up on the screen.
  • Go to Network Settings, then Network information, and then Reset Connection.
  • Turn the router back on (connected status) and you’ve set the APN.
If after following these steps a Customer is still experiencing connectivity issues, please tell them to contact us at:

Please also explain that the Carrier is aware of issues and working on them. We are in contact with the Carrier daily and will keep you updated.

We will also reach out to Customers today with the updated troubleshooting steps outlined above.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions about this process, please contact me.

Scott Sharples
National Sales Director
Phone: 972-515-1403​
Support: 1-833-IVGOTW3 or 1- 833 484 6893 | Billing:
Hours (CST): Monday-Friday: 7am-10pm | Saturday: 8am - 9pm | Sunday: 10am - 6pm​


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Thanks for posting this Jeff. I NEVER get these emails.....even though they tell me over and over that "We'll get you on the list".


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What I find "amusing", they tell customers who have no Internet, to contact them via email.
...that, or to go to their website and update the sim card number.

Reminds me of something that happened many years ago with Starband. They decided to mess around with all of their dealers' email accounts and all of a sudden we couldn't log into them anymore. Some goofy person from Starband actually told all of us that our new login credentials had been emailed to our Starband email accounts that THEY had locked us out of. You simply can't make stupid crap like that up.


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What's amazing, and maddening, to me is that customers will call, I'll tell them what to do and then I have to listen to them bitch and moan about their internet blues for the next 15 mins. Meanwhile, other customers are getting pissed because they keep getting busy signals when they call the store so NOW I have to listen to them moan about getting busy signals and ALSO their internet woes.