Dish pre-made website verses my own creation?


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What direction should I go for creating a website? At $700 down and $190 per month Should I let Cencentrix build and support my site or for far less, should I do it myself with the aid of consultants? I would prefer doing my own, but would I be able to insert all the same links?

Which is better?


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Metro and Justin have their own respective web site, and some others as well. So, how about those who actually have one , giving out the do's and don't ? Costs , so forth and so on.


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Build your own if you know how or hire a profesional. I'm trying out decentrix, it is nice that I don't have to hassel messing with changing it everytime something new comes up.

the Decentrix Dish site is just a supplement to my main site.


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For that price you should get a damn sweet site. I build my own, but it takes time when you don't know html. I cheat and use Front Page. I buy my hosting from and have several sites I work on from time to time as a hobby. The problem is you only have so much time in a day, so having someone "build it to suit", and manage it, would be more productive.

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Decentrix is getting LAZY, they are supposed to update your site when things change and this includes a flash banner in the top right of the screen.

As of the first of the month that flash banner has changed into just a Dish Network logo.


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By all means, use a website company and have your own identity.

You can get a site designed for as little as $200.00 or as much as $2500.00 depending on content and custom graphics. An average price for a small company from concept to on-line is around $500.00 to $750.00.

In my opinion, Decentrix is way overpriced for what you get.

Try and see what Brian can offer you.
Tell him that I referred you.


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go to you can build your own site and get it hosted real cheap.

I built my own site. Its not as professional as many but it works for me.

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I like FREE... I have mine threw yahoo... Without adds its $5.00... I built it myself using there software... I dont have a clue about how to write code... The way I understand it you can also use frontpage...


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Doesn't someone here do sites? kdcompany maybe?

Anyway, good hosting can be had for as little as $50-60/year. Domain registration $15-20/year - or less. I use myself.

Frontpage is definitely a good way to go - decent WYSIWYG editor, and the built-in automatic navigation bars, themes, and other management goodies make it aces.

If you need someone to design it, and no one here or local to you is satisfactory, try Just like eBay, check the user ratings (10 is max) and feedback, etc. There's LOTS of people there that will be happy to help you for cheap. You escrow the agreed amount and they get paid when the work is done.

P.S. There's an idiot there named SimpleSimon who's one of the Top Coders. :D However, I don't do websites for money any more - I like to make more per hour. ;)