Democrats belong to a shadowy cabal of pedophiles who are working to destroy Trump.


(((tRump HATER)))

Trump might as well have said: Why isn’t this campaign unfolding in the fictional universe that I created for it?

It’s often noted that Trump is reluctant to criticize groups who support him, even ones with the most demented and extreme views, such as white supremacists or QAnon. But the deeper point here is that Trump wants to be permitted to maintain his under-the-radar bond with the extremist fringe while barring any tough questioning of himself over it and while inflating a comparatively minor threat on the left into the “real” extremists.
It’s telling that Trump grows so angered at precisely the moments when this is not permitted.

There may be only one answer​

On other fronts, we saw a similar dynamic. Trump falsely claimed that huge percentages of people who wear masks catch coronavirus, only the latest in a much broader effort to re-create political reality as a place where he has been right to scoff at social distancing all along.


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not only are dems child-cannibalizing molesters, they want to do away with fossil fuels, guns, cops, churches....nothing but bad news