Client owes me $500

claude greiner

Staff member
I got a Directv client that owes me $500 on a job we did a year ago.

it’s a country club. They got money

I sent invoices but they never cut me a check.

so for the past 3 months They have been sending me the check to cover their bill.

i have almost $400 of their money.

Do I

A) cash all 3 checks and send them an invoice for the difference.

B) send their check back and ask for payment?

it’s been over a year since we installed them. So no chance I’ll see a chargeback if they go non pay


Dish Network Retailer
They owe you money and sent you payment. It's not your responsibility to try and figure out what their incompetent AP department is doing.

claude greiner

Staff member
They sent me another check today. Cashed it and I sent them a letter explaining where the charges went.

Oh well. These people are always slow to pay me


Former Dish Network Sufferer
totally didn't get it...why would they start paying you a monthly amount 9 months post-inception?