Attention: John Dunbar


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What clued me in is he spends 90% of his time searching the forums. Classic Blake.


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Scott Greczkowski said:
Whats funny is he says he can't stand this place... yet he keeps coming back.

Your post reminded me of something I noticed a while back. Blake's attraction to this site, mostly the non-dish area, helps illustrate why liberal talk radio fails and conservative talk radio thrives. Libs seem obsessed by folks like Rush, Sean, etc while conservative couldn't care less about what libs have to say. Hope this didn't go "off topic" but Scott seems to have noticed this habit of Blake's.


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college student said:
Has he been banned again?

On a long vacation!

Yes, he has joined the ranks of Blake's other attempts to enter this place he hates so much.


On a long vacation!
satcom1 said:

John Dunbar? Wasn't he the lead character in " Dances with wolves":D
Lutetent Dumbell :D In Dances with wolves.......It's prob. on 6 times next weekend STILL :confused:


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Oh the heck with Blake ... I'am here only because I think littledish's Avatar is way cool!


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I think littledish's Avatar is way cool!
That it is!

But could you imagine if Murf's was animated?



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I realize it's your sandbox, but when you exclude dissenters you believe to be mostly wrong you rob yourself of the pleasure of proving your rightness. Otherwise it's just a bunch of backsapping samo-samo.
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