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Claude Greiner
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Well I was cleaning out my hard drive and I stumbled accros some old files from the board. Check them out....
http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000001.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000001.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000001.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000001.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000001.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000008.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000019.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000023.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000045.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000047.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000048.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000049.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000050.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000051.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000052.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000053.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000054.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000055.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000056.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000057.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000058.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000059.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000060.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000061.html http://bignet.net/~greiner/ubb/000062.html
Please note you cannot reply to any of these, they are just for viewing only and the links do not work!

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Old 01-01-2000, 08:26 AM   #2
Dish Network Retailer
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That was fun Metro...
Are these posts all out there in cyberworld somewhere?
Or did you save em' or what?
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Old 01-01-2000, 09:45 AM   #3
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yes, that was good.
Gheez we have come a long way :x

is the sky the limit??
PSDA Member '99
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Old 01-01-2000, 09:57 AM   #4
Claude Greiner
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They where on my hard drive and I simply uploaded them to the internet. Thats why none of the links work
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