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    any dealers near Savage,Mt

    I have a dtv sub that needs some help. Please email mail me for details if you are near this area. thanks,
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    Updated KISS Packet

    Both doc's very helpful thanks guys
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    Rat Shack Deal

    even at 115k don't work for these guys.
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    Rat Shack Deal

    Nacom / Amerilink
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    Just in from Metron.

    You got it going on! It would solve so many problems that we have now. I do think it's coming soon, very soon. DNSC TOO!
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    Direct Tv Systems At Walmart For $69

    Is this form of bending of the rules OK?
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    ok sent it again
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    DISH Competes Against Retailers

    “However, many many other manufacturers of various products have abandoned such schemes. Instead, they prefer to support and work with local dealers/retailers to get the job done” They don't want that. They want to be the local dealer and their local area is the USA. To them in house sales and...
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    check email
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    DISH Competes Against Retailers

    msorensen, do you have a kiosk at this store? HomeSat, Did you mail a flyer or “large” postcard to everyone in your county? Did you run those spots on the radio in metro Atlanta? Now before you get mad at me, answers the questions. If no is the answer then I’d have to say they are just selling...
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    What do you think?

    It could be a Bell Expressvu installed in someone’s backyard without the tree mount.
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    Lee Hess represents the local dealer? maybe the local best buy!
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    Debby, you asked for it, you got it

    This is dishnetwork’s goal in a very big way. They want to look and perform just as cable does. They want one look and one operation. I think in the future dish network and dnsc franchises (not dealer ships) will be how their products will be sold and serviced You’ll pay big money to get one of...
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    Mary answers the agreed on question....

    PS I would have done the same thing as you did
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    Mary answers the agreed on question....

    PS I would have done the same thing as you did D
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    Mary answers the agreed on question....

    You when like buying a big screen TV from someone on ebay. Then driving over 300 miles (one way) to pick it up in a vehicle it doesn’t fit in instead of paying full price at your PROFESSINAL local TV dealer and having him or her deliver it. Is this a lowball buyer?