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  1. claude greiner

    People are just dumb

    So a lady calls me a few minutes ago to complain a Comcast line fell down infront of her house, and hit the power line and sparked. ME: Ok, well you'll need to call comcast customer service at 800-Comcast and request for a tech to come out and fix it Customer: Your guys are already here fixing...
  2. claude greiner

    DOJ Shoots down Dish/Directv merger

    Looks like Charlie ain’t buying Directv
  3. claude greiner

    Client owes me $500

    I got a Directv client that owes me $500 on a job we did a year ago. it’s a country club. They got money I sent invoices but they never cut me a check. so for the past 3 months They have been sending me the check to cover their bill. i have almost $400 of their money. Do I A) cash all 3...
  4. claude greiner

    Hey Y2k

    See your having issues logging in. email me at
  5. claude greiner

    Blue forum software

    Has anyone switched to the new Blue fourm software yet? It’s 1000 times better than the old layout
  6. claude greiner

    Virtual Revolution

    Im sorry, I aint doing no virtual revolution. Maybe Ill go next year, but if they think im going to sit and stare at my computer for hours they are crazy.
  7. claude greiner

    Dish acquires Boost Mobile.

    Looks like it’s official, Dish Network is the new owners of Boost Mobile. Looks like Charlie got the short end of the stick here, and Sprint just dumped their garbage on Charlie’s door step. Charlie really had not choice but to take this deal or loose his wireless licenses because he failed...
  8. claude greiner

    Things must be really crappy at Dish

    So I got a whole bunch of phone numbers that receive mis-dials off numbers to regular DISH Network customer service. Back in the day, I would get 50-100 calls per day that would result in 2-3 sales per day off these numbers. I was just looking at the call volume recently, as I sell these calls...
  9. claude greiner

    Dishretailer going off line

    So the boards will be going down in a few days so we can migrate to a new server. Also we will be upgrading the software in the coming weeks to make it more mobile friendly. If you go here via bookmark, please use which will provide a redirect.
  10. claude greiner

    When things where fun at Dish

    I made this 20 years ago...
  11. claude greiner

    What is Dish Network doing you support their retailers during this crisis

    So it looks like Directv/AT&T has stepped up to the plate. They are paying us 100% of our residuals based on January 2020 and paying a spiff on a weekly basis to pay for the decreased sales volume. Let’s see if Dish does the same for their dealers. Considering they have done nothing for...
  12. claude greiner

    AT&T to pay dealers 70% of their commissions for March and April

    So I was on a conference call yesterday and it looks like AT&T is paying dealers 70% of their commissions for the next few months to help with expenses. Lets see Charlie Ergen and Dish match that!
  13. claude greiner

    Dishretailer COVID-19 update

    At Dishretailer, we have an unwavering commitment to the safety of our customers and team members. As we deal with the threat of the COVID-19 virus, we are putting extra measures in place to help ensure the health and wellness of our team members and customers. Like our customers, we are closely...
  14. claude greiner

    Team Summit Cancelled!

    Well not yet, but I think it’s time Charlie cancels Team Summit due to the corona virus. Things are not going to get better, and think at this point if anyone had actually paid to go they are seriously considering staying home.
  15. claude greiner

    We are dying a slow death

    Does anyone want Dish Network anymore? I used to have a steady stream of customers every month who used to pay their Dish Network bill in my office every month. I kept their stupid sign on my building for several years advertising my place as a Payment center. It was a good way to get a peak...
  16. claude greiner

    8 years ago this coming Thursday

    Can’t believe on January 16th It will have been 8 years since I watched and sold Dish Network. Never thought Charlie would be such a greedy scumbag, that they would ever decide to kick me out of the Dish Network family and leave me on the side of the road, out in the cold. Many others warned...
  17. claude greiner

    21 Year ago

    December 17th 1998 is when we started Hard to believe that we have been here over 21 years!!!
  18. claude greiner

    DIRECTV Calls

    I got a whole bunch of live calls from customers looking to sign up with residential DIRECTV. I send you the phone calls, you close the sale. If it gets installed you pay me $50. Calls are from all over the country, so you will need to be a fulfillment dealer in order to process the orders...
  19. claude greiner

    Removing un-used forums from the board

    So as you know as dealers continue to go out of business, this board sees less and less posts than it did when we first started 20 years ago. Im thinking of eliminating some of the forums... Diversify or Die Installation Pictures Product Exchange Hughesnet Forum and rename Viasat forum the...
  20. claude greiner

    Pulled out this beauty today

    Customer wonders why any HD channels above QAM 47 (350 MHz) don’t come in at their facility.