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  1. dishnorth

    the unmarked letter from ergenwood

    Great solution Claude. I miss the old days. ( most of them a least ). got us all where we are today
  2. dishnorth

    Goodbye email from my ASM

    when an experienced gentleman in an industry warns you that your job isn't as stable as they think, people should listen!
  3. dishnorth

    Hi Antenna Man! Shane from Dish North. Claude used to be able to sell me DirecTV receivers...

    Hi Antenna Man! Shane from Dish North. Claude used to be able to sell me DirecTV receivers for my camper jobs, but he is now doing only commercial. I have a camper that has an existing ATT Directv account. He is looking to have us add 2 H25 HD receivers and install the slimline dish. Can...
  4. dishnorth

    When things where fun at Dish

    All is well, thanks! I hadn't checked here in a bit and was concerned about how the board members here are doing in this crazy time. I pray we all make it through this time, and everything opens up... it will definitely be a different world for awhile though..
  5. dishnorth

    When things where fun at Dish

    Mine was October of 1996. The good old days. Thanks for the memory Claude.
  6. dishnorth

    Dish lr mvdds

    Received paperwork too. I have alot of questions after seeing the contracts
  7. dishnorth

    20 years!

  8. dishnorth

    Smartbox Help

    as a long time member here, I would highly recommend you engage Claude's help, equipment, installation, and expertise in this area. he can also sell very effectively. he has helped me out in the past and does what he says he will do, in my experience.
  9. dishnorth


    sequence confirmed.
  10. dishnorth

    Team Summit

    when you have to put "i'm being serious" at the end of that question, I think you have the answer already.
  11. dishnorth

    traveler wrested from united flight

    Gotta love Chuck Norris humor ...... :d
  12. dishnorth

    Air Show we went to today

    Great pictures. What camera do you shoot with?
  13. dishnorth

    Names and phone numbers

    Did I just wake up in 2003?
  14. dishnorth

    My sale, Dish install question

    40 bucks for a dish sale. Lol. Time to find another business. I say security systems and rental homes. 2 businesses you own the assets and the monthly cash flow.
  15. dishnorth

    Anyone going to TS this year?

    When I read that, I had to look at the date and make sure I didn't click on an old thread by accident. I figured for sure it would be dated something like 2003 or something...... Time to move on.
  16. dishnorth

    gun sales down

    50 percent power of a 9mm will still protect you 99 percent of the time
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