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  1. Bruno

    Cat 5 questions

    He has you disable DHCP and give the second router a different IP. Then he connects to the first router to finish the setup. He gives a lot of good pointers about not using AUTO channel when connecting on WiFi. I don't know how many of you use YouTube but Richard Lloyd really puts some good...
  2. Bruno

    Cat 5 questions

    I am retired NO GB here..:)
  3. Bruno

    Cat 5 questions

    Thank You!!
  4. Bruno

    Cat 5 questions

    I tried the powerline wireless setup but i could not get it to work. I have decided to run internet to my metal building from my house router. I will need to splice a couple of Cat5 cables together. It will be about 150 feet. I think Cat5 only uses 4 wires. Can someone tell me which ones? I...
  5. Bruno

    Great info for those doing cell amplifier installs

    Thanks for the link. I have a 30x30 metal shop. When the garage doors are open i can get service but with Winter coming on its too cold to leave the doors up. What would be the most cost effective way to get a signal inside for my phone? I have a Wilson amp that was in my truck but dont think...
  6. Bruno

    Removing un-used forums from the board

    Same here ...but i do miss Lenny. Not sure Why.:)
  7. Bruno

    OTA Antennas

    I have put up several of these but we are only about 50-60 miles from the stations. RCA ANT752Z Mini Yagi Outdoor HDTV. https://www.homedepot.com/p/RCA-Mini-Yagi-Antenna-ANT752Z/303087500
  8. Bruno

    CES registration is open

    Now that i am retired was looking for something to go see...I enjoyed going to it years ago. Bruno
  9. Bruno

    CES registration is open

    Has it got a lot smaller in the last year of two?
  10. Bruno

    Holy Crap!

    Yes, Happy Birthday Claude. Thanks for all you did when i needed the help.
  11. Bruno

    Dish Agrees to $5 Billion Deal for Wireless Assets

    How in the world do YOU get all these bargains??? I am now retired and looking for them. :)
  12. Bruno

    Hulu Live requires static IP

    Did Charlie BUY Hulu? :D
  13. Bruno

    I’m now an Orby Retailer

    Do you have to install the FREE local antenna also...:)
  14. Bruno

    I’m now an Orby Retailer

    Yes, That was the first thing i also noticed. Fox is #1 and No ESPN either.. If you have good data plan YouTube TV looks the best to me.
  15. Bruno

    Hopper 3 Dish and lnb

    That was why i was asking if it took a special dish and LNB.
  16. Bruno

    Hopper 3 Dish and lnb

    Yes he "Moved" to get okc local. I told him to move back home and call dish to come fix it and then move back to OKC in a week or two. He told me he is using youtube TV and getting okc locals and kind of likes it and the price. I figured he would miss all the recording and he said he watch a...
  17. Bruno

    Hopper 3 Dish and lnb

    I believe he got the right dish but i have not seen a picture of it. Yes i know it needs realigned. Its clean from trees but who know if he didnt hit it with the mower. I just wondered about using a dish i know how to aim. :)
  18. Bruno

    Hopper 3 Dish and lnb

    So his H3 OKC locals still come off the 129. but needs the hybird LNB dish. what does the hybird lnb do different...need it to work with switch? Yes sure it LOS..He told me he can move the dish several inches...not good for sure. Thanks for the reply..
  19. Bruno

    Hopper 3 Dish and lnb

    Guys i have not put in a system for 12 years. I got cut because i didn't sell much or want to push the hopper. I live 5 hours away from my best friend and he was a DTV man i could never talk into switching. He had both east and west hd local and also okc. He is suppose to get Amarillo, TX. Fast...
  20. Bruno

    Easy way to increase a router's distance

    Do the powerline work good enough to do netflix or prime? Do you need the Cat 5 cable to use the wireless bridge? I actually ran a conduit to the man cave just been too lazy to pull cable. I will be retiring in July and will need something to do. Was thinking when i ran out of Dish parts &...
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