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  1. stereohificenter

    Leo Laporte is back!

    I started watching Leo on CFH when the channel was called ZDTV and was only available on C-Band. I learned more from him than anybody...even called in a couple of times and talked to him on the air. Got to meet him a few times at COMDEX and CES. Got an autographed photo with him and his...
  2. stereohificenter

    CSTV Now ON Ch 152

    This is the College Sports TV channel. Added to AT180 and now in free preview in AT120. :)
  3. stereohificenter

    NFL-HD on 9464

    During the regular season NFL-HD will be replaying whatever is designated to be the "game of the week" in HD on Wednesday nights. There are a few preseason games shown live but that's history for this year.
  4. stereohificenter

    Dishretailer.com Quick Link and Reference Page

    Change the 322 Receiver Combo Pricing to 1 & 2 Tuners and 3 & 4 Tuners, add the Voom Pak to Additional Programming on The Dish Network Pricing Sheet and it would be just about perfect. (Receivers 3 & 4 would be $5 each.)
  5. stereohificenter

    Look what's on Showtime tonight

    Personally, I don't see how you can stand to listen to Randi Rhodes. She's shrill, very repetitive and, at best, only mildly amusing. Janeane Garofolo can be entertaining but she does "go off" a bit, doesn't she? Don't get to hear her much because I"m either busy or out when she's on. Now, I...
  6. stereohificenter

    A look into how some of these young muslims are recruited

    Thanks for the history lesson. Facism, Nazism, and anti-semitism are still very much with us along with xenophobia in general. And that's on "our side," too. WWII resulted from the attempts of the two primary militaristic axis powers attempt to conquer the world. Sure, there were collaborators...
  7. stereohificenter

    Look what's on Showtime tonight

    What makes you think I was refering to you? You weren't even on my list of potential reviewers. I thought I was limiting it to the guys who have plainly stated they wouldn't watch/read/listen to "so-and-so" because he/she is a liberal/commie/liar/fat bastard, etc. (Fill in the blanks.) These...
  8. stereohificenter

    Dish is at it again

    I have the DISH HOME PROTECTION PLAN brochure in front of me. "GUARANTEED PEACE OF MIND" It plainly states: So the RA should be done by the customer to save the $14.95. Again, this is assuming it is an active DHPP customer on either DHA-12 or DHA-24 or actually paying the $5.99 DHPP fee...
  9. stereohificenter

    Look what's on Showtime tonight

    See, this is the difference between right-wingers and progressives. They won't even consider watching or reading material they know won't make them feel good about their belief systems. They simply attack the messenger and dismiss the content as "no good" based on their subjective preferences...
  10. stereohificenter

    Dish is at it again

    The way I read this they do not show DHPP on the account. They simply show it to be DHA which comes with a regular 12-month warranty re: AIs, which has elapsed. Can you verify your customer is currently on DHPP and paying the $5.99 monthly?
  11. stereohificenter

    Look what's on Showtime tonight

    Maybe eddie, jmann, simon or o-dome would like to give it a critical viewing and post a capsule review exposing any & all falsehoods: SHO 318 Wednesday 7/20/2005 9:45 PM EDT SHOW 319 Thursday 7/21/2005 12:45 AM EDT...
  12. stereohificenter

    The "Muslim Blame Game"

    So, in your learned opinions, all Muslims have a "backward mind-set straight from the seventh century?" Goodness, it's not like any Christians do! (Or fundamentalist & radical Jews, for that matter.) If you ever bothered to really pay attention to any of my posts you would realize that I am...
  13. stereohificenter

    Privacy Notice

    Got mine with the bill a couple of weeks ago. But I'll keep giving them to new customers until they are in all the pack-outs.
  14. stereohificenter

    Did Dish mess with the 322's overnight?

    I happened to tune in a channel on 110 around 11pm PDT last night and got the "signal lost" error message. I scanned up & down a few channels and they were okay, then I went back to the one that was "lost" and it was back. Must have been intermittent on a couple of transponders.
  15. stereohificenter

    New SkyAngel Channels!

    I don't think that you can say that "most" Christians are "right wingers." But a lot of the evangelicals and most of the real fundamentalists certainly are. Sky Angel seems to be run by and directed mainly toward those denominations.
  16. stereohificenter


    I like the new look of the site: big improvment, IMO. Too bad you had to dump all the pre-existing dealer info, tho. Hope everybody you had before gets the word.
  17. stereohificenter

    Social Security & The Democrats

    :rolleyes: Yeah, right. He got into the Harvard MBA program on merit. They take anyone with a C average. But again, the point is not how many diplomas he bought but what he knows and how he "thinks." There are many collections of his "wit and wisdom" both individually and collectively...
  18. stereohificenter

    A look into how some of these young muslims are recruited

    Uh, yeah...right. :rolleyes: What are you talking about? Nazi Germany? Imperial Japan under Tojo? You really think they are analogous to a religion of a billion people centered in the Middle East and in the overwhelming majority in a hundred countries sweeping from west Africa to South...
  19. stereohificenter

    Muslim radical confesses to Van Gogh killing in court tirade

    Your Honor, I object. The answer was non-responsive. I will stipulate that "our first war was with Mohammedans" and ask again, "So what? What is your point?" The statement may be historically accurate but relative to our current situation it is simple a non sequitur. But it is completely...
  20. stereohificenter

    Andy Rooney Speaks

    No, he didn't. And anyone who likes Andy Rooney should have had their radar up when they got this bogus email. http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/rooney4.asp
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