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    Tucker reacts to leaked George Floyd footage

    Sadly our little city of Olympia WA was listed on Tucker a couple of nights ago. Pictures and comments about how bad it is. Right along with Seattle, Portland. Not near as bad here as those, but our city council is just as crazy.
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    Ext antennas and cell amps - how to improve GotW3 performance

    You guys seem to have the GotW3 thing figured out. We are just getting started. Don't have a clue about any of it yet. RS&I is the only player with it in this area, so I guess that is what we are doing. We worked with DSI but now of course P-10 for Viasat. I was waiting to se if DSI was going to...
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    MOR-S8 rack shelves?

    Anyone have any MOR-S8 rack shelves they want to get rid of???
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    Any body remember where Dish traveled with their "Top 100" retailers

    I don't think they have done it the past few years. At least I have not heard anything about it. Last one I heard about was 2014. Anybody know of any after that?
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    Something we have known for a while!

    Article: Did AT&T Just Scuttle DirecTV With Another Price Hike? | The Motley Fool. https://flip.it/uo3YO6
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    Nest Doorbells

    What police? I hear there won't be any soon!
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    Viasat is tossing DSI to the curb.

    Now magically the web site is working just fine.
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    Viasat is tossing DSI to the curb.

    Email was rejected. I was often amazed that if we had credits on our account that we had to ask for them to be applied to any orders. I asked once why on earth would you not automatically apply them. The response was crazy. "some folks like to save them up"..... I replied NOT ME, why would I...
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    Viasat is tossing DSI to the curb.

    We can't access the DSI web site, the phone number rings once then dead air. Are they closed/done??? I just sent an email, will wait for a reply.
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    the unmarked letter from ergenwood

    We sent a 3 phase direct mail once. Second mailer said "2nd notice" the third said "3rd notice", by the time the third went out we had people calling and yelling at us. The boss was getting the letters and concerned the staff who saw the mail was thinking they weren't the bills. Man, we got a...
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    Goodbye email from my ASM

    I like the train the ASM comment. Over the years we always laughed when we got a new ASM for any of these companies. None of them ever know anything about how anything works, just walk in to say how they are here to support us but they never have a clue.
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    Business picking up

    But then everyone will have one so it won't be cool anymore. Yeah kinds like having money, if everyone has lots of it, it's just not worth so much.
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    How's business---how much up or down?

    I just don't see how these restaurant/bar guys are going to make it. I sure feel for them.
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    Business picking up

    Soon as I heard AT&T was buying DTV we took them off the store sign. Once they did and sent us a new contract we declined and said goodbye. DISH is all we do. Even the USA Today wrote an article about if you have DTV, you need to switch to DISH. It was just about 4 weeks ago now.
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    ViaSat cans all Area Sales Managers

    Funny you says that. When the rep from RS&I called she didn't have a clue what it was. She said that GotW3 sent her an email to contact me and said I can buy/sell it thru them. When asked more about it she said she could have someone follow up with me.
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    ViaSat cans all Area Sales Managers

    Who is doing the $7.50 and can us folks in the northwest sell via them??? I was planning to chat with some of these folks at Team Summit, but that didn't work out.
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    ViaSat cans all Area Sales Managers

    So, what if anything came of your meeting a while ago with GotW3? Any word on different residuals between distributors? I checked into GOT3W and soon RS&I was calling me. $1/mth residuals, when I had seen others tout $5 - $7. I said no i'll pass. The rural areas that want/need it around here...
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    Sling to be repleaced

    This is from 2015...... https://news.sling.com/news-releases?item=122418
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    When things where fun at Dish

    I miss the chats with the peanut gallery. Issues got resolved quickly back then!
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    Big changes in speeds at night

    Crazy how many people have no understanding of what it would be like to really have to struggle with a major event. OMG...My internet is not able to stream 4 TVs at once! We have reached a new level of first world problems!!!
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