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  1. claude greiner

    I believe AT&T is beginning to cut off their old dsl customers

    I made the unfortunate mistake of dropping my 3G flip phone. bastards would not let me activate another identical phone until I upgraded to a 4G phone. The Lg Exhault phone I got is great, but only does 4g. It does not go to 3g period
  2. claude greiner

    I believe AT&T is beginning to cut off their old dsl customers

    I got 3 extenders. I was fine until they forced me off 3g
  3. claude greiner

    Dish and DirecTV Merger ‘Inevitable,’ Ergen Says

    But seriously, the man was forced to buy Boost to save his wireless licenses because he failed to build his 5G network by the deadline. To buy Boost, is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to cell phone customers. Nobody gets Boost by choice. They go to Boost because...
  4. claude greiner

    Hey Y2k

    See your having issues logging in. email me at claude@metro25.com
  5. claude greiner

    Dish and DirecTV Merger ‘Inevitable,’ Ergen Says

    Charlie go fuck your self.
  6. claude greiner

    I need a Biden yard sign

    Intresting.... Never seen one before. Is he running from President?
  7. claude greiner

    Blue forum software

  8. claude greiner

    Heavy usage degrades signal

    thank god I sell Comcast and don’t have to deal with this
  9. claude greiner

    I believe AT&T is beginning to cut off their old dsl customers

    That’s typical AT&T. They won’t shut you off, but when it stops working they will take forever to fix it, and hope you just get pissed off and cancel. They did the same crap with my copper PRI/T1 at my office. It was taking them 3-5 days to fix where they should have fixed it in a few hours. I...
  10. claude greiner

    Dish begins staffing up in wireless

    Yawn! Charlie is never going to build a 5G network. Nothing but smoke and mirrors to attract a buyer.
  11. claude greiner

    Blue forum software

    Has anyone switched to the new Blue fourm software yet? It’s 1000 times better than the old layout
  12. claude greiner

    P10 is as dumb as a brick

    They asked me for an insurance certificate yesterday
  13. claude greiner

    the unmarked letter from ergenwood

    True I remember the days when we would worship Charlie and would be proud to say we represented Dish. Today, drive by a place with a Dish500 or a Dish Network Dish that’s missing a an LNB, I smile knowing Dish paid for a customer who is now disconnected and all the thousands of customers I...
  14. claude greiner

    Epstein had 12-year-old French triplets secretly flown onto his island as a “birthday present.......Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private island

    I do not at all support sex with under age girls, but bill deserves a pass on everything else. You know hillary ain’t giving him any
  15. claude greiner

    DOW is starting to lose it

    What are they finally counting the number of Dishes and LNB's ordered Vs the number of activation's to stop is from taking them from disconnected customers or buying off ebay? I am guilty of that, hey but If I go and take a Dish from a deadbeat or disconnected account I should be able to reuse...
  16. claude greiner

    Virtual Revolution

    Im sorry, I aint doing no virtual revolution. Maybe Ill go next year, but if they think im going to sit and stare at my computer for hours they are crazy.
  17. claude greiner

    The year with NO black Friday?

    Something good actually came out of COVID-19. But what this really is more of an attempt to expand the holiday shopping season to eventually begin in October. It’s the same bullshit every year. Valentine’s Day Easter Mother’s Day Father’s Day 4th if July Back to school Halloween...
  18. claude greiner

    Anyone else installing cell phone amps?

    Today everyone would rather have their dam internet.
  19. claude greiner

    Anyone else installing cell phone amps?

    Used to have a picture of an install where a guy installed his dish in the attic. He removed a 2 foot by 2 foot section of plywood so it was just the plastic siding. It worked! But that was in the day of just having 1 satellite
  20. claude greiner

    WOW wonderful of tRump to bring back, how about we get rid of satellite and cable, while we're at it too

    I prefer LED due to the cost savings. At the office I used to use (12) metal halide 1000 watt fixtures to light the place at night. 12,000 watts! Switched to LED, and the fixtures are 200 watts each. I have others that use 88 watts. I’ll take 80%-92% savings. I’ll take it! The only...
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