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  1. Jamber

    Claude, what's your email and phone? I'll pass it on to Jeff Smith my installer in Kentucky...

    Claude, what's your email and phone? I'll pass it on to Jeff Smith my installer in Kentucky. He's got two sales.
  2. Jamber

    missed the MSA boat

    Can't log on to DWS, Showrom off. Turns out I needed to fill out paperwork to keep my dealership. Called Rebekka she emailed me the paperwork. I don't know if I want to sign up yet. I just have one installer in Kentucky who is pretty much independent. Orders from P10, builds the account...
  3. Jamber

    Buy Apple iPhone XS.Max/MacBook Pro/Samsung Galaxy S9+/Note9 $749CAD

    Dream on. I'm an AT&T dealer. I get them factory direct.
  4. Jamber

    New Insurance Requirements

    Ha Ha, F Dish. So glad I dropped them. At this point most of my customers have transitioned also. Sorry Mr _____ we no longer sell or service Dish Network. You can contact the 800 number for service, or upgrade to AT&T's DirecTV through us.
  5. Jamber

    In need of 3 DirecTv sales by the end of the month

    Hey Jeff, if you get bumped you can work through my account. Might help us both. I have another friend selling through me, its been working good for him for at least ten years. Jim
  6. Jamber

    In need of 3 DirecTv sales by the end of the month

    Wow they haven't threatened me yet and I'm only doing a couple a month maybe less. I actually don't care anyway. I'm just hoping to keep my showroom acct alive.
  7. Jamber

    Speed test results on Viasat 2 big beam

    To compare I have Suddenlink: Internet speed test 015102050100+ 6.83 Megabits per second Testing upload... 15.7 Mbps download 6.83 Mbps upload Latency: 54 ms Server: San Francisco Bay Area, CA Your Internet speed is fast Your Internet connection should be able to handle multiple...
  8. Jamber

    DirecTv just kicked DSI to the residential curb

    Wow I used to source residential equipment from both, about 7 or 8 years ago they made me pick one or the other. I went with P-10 because they could get me equipment faster with lower shipping costs. At this point I'm expecting the Dear Jim email. I don't sell that many anymore but in my favor...
  9. Jamber

    No one wants satellite TV any more

    Yep just people who don't have access to cable broadband are still getting Satellite TV. Mostly older people who aren't that comfortable getting steaming services. I have Off air DVR, Netflix, Hulu, CBS all access, all for less than $25 a mo. I'm very fortunate that my good friend is still...
  10. Jamber

    Time change tonight WooHoo!!!

    I've been waking up at 3:30 to make it to work at 4:30 last night I got up at 2:30 (3:30 really but it woulda been 2:30 if the clock didn't switch.) Would you sign my petition to get an In N Out up here? https://www.change.org/p/cs1948-innout-com-get-in-n-out-to-expand-to-humboldt-county-california
  11. Jamber

    DirecTV guide showing wrong shows on CBS

    For about two weeks the guide has been wrong on CBS. Daytime, night time shows are wrong on the guide. So if you know when the the show you want to watch is on you record the show that is incorrect for that time period. It's really ridiculous. Anybody have the same issue?
  12. Jamber

    President Tracking Poll Friday 50% of Likely Voters approve Trump's Job Performance

    Trump is a chump. Bone spurs? Seems to play tennis and golf just fine. Has a Trump ever served in the military? Doubt it.
  13. Jamber


    Do we need a scantron with a #2 pencil? :)
  14. Jamber


  15. Jamber

    Hot Shot(dish heater) failure?

    I'd start out by saying it had a one year warranty. http://hotshotdishheat.com/hotshot-comparison.aspx and that includes the labor. Tell them that the labor cost on the service call would probably make it wise to just install a new one than to fiddle trying to make the old one work. Give them...
  16. Jamber

    Big Drop in Momthly Resids

    Gee, I was told by Charlie back in the day when I was in the top dealers my residuals would be locked in if I signed up to be a digital dynamite dealer. I don't sell Dish anymore because they screwed me too many times. I can hardly believe I still sell DTV (in Kentucky) and still get all my DTV...
  17. Jamber

    Any idea how I can insert channel.

    What the hell, you first wanted to take a 1080p and demodulate it and feed it to the house via coax? That's bogus. Just use the Powered HDMI splitter to send your DircTV to your distant TVs and send the amplified off air to your TVs with coax. Run your coax to off air DVRs (Channel Master) then...
  18. Jamber

    Another perk to working outside in the winter in the north

    Once I was doing an 18 inch DTV dish. It was leaning against my ladder and a gust of wind caught it and it started rolling down the driveway and then into the street picking up speed the whole time. I jumped in the truck drove a good distance til I found it in a yard about a block and a half away.
  19. Jamber

    Something good about Walmart

    Something else good about WalMart.... When I was selling in an NRTC area for Pegasus DirecTV cut them out from buying from a distributor. They sent me an email to go buy from WalMart and they would pay me all my commissions. I would clean every WalMart near me out every morning and night...
  20. Jamber

    Metro u dork

    Happy 20th Dishretailer
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