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    Fta ??

    Don't forget to consult dishpointer.com Look at the skew reading.
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    Tesla Service Truck

    The Tessla RAV 4 showed up, quite interesting. I drove it, very quick and pleasant to drive. There are a lot of places to recharge electric cars, including a BMW dealer next to the motel that we stayed at which is good because you will spend more time charging it then driving it. Max range is...
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    Tesla Service Truck

    I will be bringing a couple of SYNOQ SR 1 receivers They are HD Mpeg 4 S2 etc. They also connect with broadband where you can look at such content as Youtube. They are brand new and lots of fun to play with. I will have them as standalone, or system. I will be bringing Dishes! Lots of...
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    Tesla Service Truck

    Gary, perhaps the Enigma machine that sold at auction was one of the ones that used to be on display in the Flea Market. Last year they had a knockoff from Austria.
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    Tesla Service Truck

    Dr. Dave is in Ohio so he will be at the Dayton Hamvention back by gate C. I understand that the Toyota Tesla was built so that Toyota could get EV fleet credits for California.
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    problem with the anchors and lag bolts on a mount near the ocean

    Tapcon Can you put a Tapcon screw either in the lead anchor or right beside the lead anchor in the wall??
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    Tesla Service Truck

    Holy Downlink Hay! I just acquired some almost brand new Traxis DBS 6000 HD S2 MPEG2-4 receivers that were used for a Church downlink event. I will have them at my trailer at the Hamvention. Remember, Gate c at the back of the flea Market in the middle! Blowout pricing.
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    Tesla Service Truck

    I have seen more than one truck towed into the show,,, like the ham that has a truck fixed up like a WW2 communications truck,,, he even looked a bit like Beetle Bailey. Hey you History Channel fans would be interested in the Display of Nazi Enigma machines. It is amazing the stuff that is at...
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    Tesla Service Truck

    Update; The Tesla-Rav4 is sitting in Western Mass., loaded up with all kinds of electronics for the Hamvention! With a range of 175 miles it must be recharged several times to get to Dayton,,, soooooo, there is no guarantee that it will make it!
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    Tesla Service Truck

    Sorry Gary, I have not seen it.
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    Tesla Service Truck

    Dr. Dave is bringing A Toyota Rav 4 converted to all electric by Tesla, to the Dayton Hamvention to sell. Get a Tesla at half the price of a new Tesla car. Need a truck, Dave has a Transit Connect professionally converted to all electric for sale. He even has a Volt. Where? Dayton...
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    Best deal on Cell phone?

    Hey, do not tie PayPal to an account with much money in it,,,, limited cc pay after shipped, and never tell China your cc #, you are probably pretty safe
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    Best deal on Cell phone?

    China Phones Anyone? www.everbuying.com is one of the many sellers from China that offers GSM smartphones for sale. Looks like a good way to get a cheap GSM phone, even if you use it as a spare. HAS ANYONE USED ANY OF THESE PHONES from China?????? I have bought from everbuying several times...
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    $$$$ SOMEONE IS PAYING GOOD MONEY for old crap

    4D's are being consolidated in Miami and shipped to South America
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    John Kerry... inventor

    Kyrgyzstan, Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, which is also called Ganci Air Base, unofficially is a military installation of the United States at Manas International Airport, located near Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. This air base in Kyrgyzstan is chiefly operated by the U.S. Air Force. Not...
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    A question about Canadian channels

    No The home viewer act allows watching programming that is in the clear in ones own home NOT rebroadcasting it on a cable system. The problem with Shaw is that a lot of the programming they present is only licensed for viewing in Canada. I would NOT put Shaw programming on a cable system...
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    Tom Taylor has a pm waiting!

    Check your mail and yes, there are still some Cdn. programming in the clear on the 105 bird. taylorsatellite@gmail.com will work
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    Astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82

    I remember passing Professor Armstrong in the parking garage at the University of Cincinnati many years ago.
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    I Did Not Know This-Did You?

    Railroads and Airlines are covered by the National Railway Labor Act, created in a time when railroads were very abusive to their members. Railroads created fake unions and forced their members to join, the abuse went on and on. The Railway Act was created to solve that problem. Years later...
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