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  1. Antenna Man

    P10 is as dumb as a brick

    The SOE was the workman's comp form. They previous said I had to fill out the SOE & some other ABCXYZ form, but when I asked them for English translations of their alphabet soup, they went silent.
  2. Antenna Man

    P10 is as dumb as a brick

    Someone knows they've setup a cluster. I just got an email on a Sunday from P10, referencing numerous other dealers looking for new ViaSat numbers. It had an SOE to fill out. I promptly signed and returned. Shortly there after I got a return message apologizing for the hassle. I wonder if this...
  3. Antenna Man

    Ext antennas and cell amps - how to improve GotW3 performance

    The example I used I installed a WeBoost 4G Connect. Customer called about boosting his "bars". He said he was getting 2-3 everywhere in his house. I wondered why he wanted to spend that kind of money if he was getting pretty good signal. He didn't mention dropped calls or Internet. I did the...
  4. Antenna Man

    DOW is starting to lose it

    Penny wise, pound foolish.
  5. Antenna Man

    Herman Cain, 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate And Businessman, Dies At Age 74

    Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump,” Cain wrote. “PEOPLE ARE FED UP!” The tweet was deleted after his death Thursday...
  6. Antenna Man


    Or possibly they just went after the most obviously nuttiest one, regardless of race, creed or religion, but it's you who sees rascism. Let's go after all of them. https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/87797?fbclid=IwAR3khOlde1JRL_TVEEPiyCvYjeeEV7Ku_H41XlceDl4Nfum69bLUOA4TUug
  7. Antenna Man

    P10 is as dumb as a brick

    6 days ago: Account Compliance, Please advise on this customers PerfectVision Viasat/DSI Transition Account Setup Status. Thanks, DARYLDANIEL Account Manager t. 800.205.862 This afternoon while waiting for lunch at a roadside food truck: Darryl, What is going on? Almost a week and still...
  8. Antenna Man

    Trump to throw out pitch for yankees, he can even drink with one hand

    Fwade of getting his widdle feelings hurt when everyone gave him the Bronx cheer & salute.
  9. Antenna Man

    The fight over wearing a mask

    This is sure, repub so I could vote for Gov Phil and as a bonus I got to leave the box next to Russ Ingalls for state senator blank, because he still owes Antenna Man LLP $160 for over 10 years. :D
  10. Antenna Man

    Anyone else installing cell phone amps?

    I've done that few times over the years, no big deal, vinyl is transparent to satellite signals, but I was shocked how much signal got through that plywood.
  11. Antenna Man

    The fight over wearing a mask

    Mailed it in yesterday, for no other reason than I can.
  12. Antenna Man

    Anyone else installing cell phone amps?

    "Back in the day", my Dad tried putting a 4'x4' piece of 1/4" plywood directly in front of a DirecTv 18" dish. Shockingly the signal only dropped about 50%.
  13. Antenna Man

    History of Home Satellite TV

  14. Antenna Man

    WOW wonderful of tRump to bring back, how about we get rid of satellite and cable, while we're at it too

    There are a few guys out of thousands on the pinball forums who'll never switch to LEDs. I've got thousands of 44 & 555 incandescent bulbs anyone can have that I have been unable to bring myself to trash. I needed something to fill the space left when we finally tossed the MaComs last year. :D
  15. Antenna Man

    Anyone else installing cell phone amps?

    It depends on roof composition and/or if the signals are coming through the surface of the roof. I don't know if metal roofing is a thing where you are, but it's big here. Often times the snow builds to a couple of feet, then releases all at once, sounding like a freight train. This snow...
  16. Antenna Man

    Never-Trumpers turn full traitor

    Yeah, you wouldn't want anyone changing their idea of anyone/thing/group based on whatever reasons they may have. Stick with one side to the death. Right Jimmy?
  17. Antenna Man

    The scammers are out in force

    We've had a couple of people from senior housing in the last week with the same upgrade calls. They said no and called me to confirm.
  18. Antenna Man

    Done with Viasat

    Box them up and ship them out, I need a WiFi one for Thursday, unless of course your story gives me a reason to kick them to the curb also and DSI comes through with GotW3.
  19. Antenna Man


    That would be awesome. Trumpty Dumpty wouldn't be able to invade Joe's space like he did with Hillary. It'd obviously drive him more insane than he is on the average day, not having an in person sparring partner.
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