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  1. Floyd

    libtard losers cheated

    Apparently the leftists on this thread haven't seen the reports of voting irregularities that I see on the news and internet analysts programs.. Things like: ---semi-truck full of filled out ballots with only the top race filled in, pulling up to voting site at 3am ---whistleblowers saying...
  2. Floyd

    How about some Mongolian rock music

    I wonder if some of this influence migrated across the Bering sea land bridge to early native americans?
  3. Floyd

    Pope goes full secular

    Churches thrive when despair and angst are high. Maybe he's just riding the socialist wave?
  4. Floyd

    Magnetic pole reversal

    Douglas Vogt has released another wide-ranging video to disburse some more of his research. If you haven't seen anything about this he will seem like a lunatic, but after learning about this subject from a host of researchers I believe he is more like a savant or genius, though he sometimes...
  5. Floyd

    Learn more about our Space Force

    The new branch of our military has been introduced with what seems like small fanfare, considering the potential for our future. Will we be invited to join the galactic council, or are we considered too warlike and primitive? I wish I could be around to see what it all looks like in 50 yrs or so.
  6. Floyd

    1/3 of Americans now believe violence is justified if the other side loses

    The tide is changing. People are tired of seeing leftists destroying neighborhoods and businesses, and there will be increasing numbers of events depicting this pushback. Gun sales have broken all records, and many people are buying their first gun . Even BLM is getting tired of antifag...
  7. Floyd

    COVID-19 SURVIVAL RATES (per CDC): >Ages 0-19: 99.997% >Ages 20-49: 99.98% >Ages 50-69: 99.5% >Ages 70+: 94.6%

    After the election we can expect pushback about the covid restrictions. Here's Tim Pool's take on it:
  8. Floyd

    COVID-19 SURVIVAL RATES (per CDC): >Ages 0-19: 99.997% >Ages 20-49: 99.98% >Ages 50-69: 99.5% >Ages 70+: 94.6%

    When covid started there was an "expert" on TV saying that eventually we would all be exposed to it. Well, if I stay home I'm not likely to be exposed to it, and many of the most vulnerable older people are indeed staying home as much as they feel comfortable with. Of course people have varying...
  9. Floyd

    Nashville gov officials caught hiding Covid data

    There should be recalls and major lawsuits for this criminal deception and conspiracy. The bars and restaurants will now be allowed to open tomorrow(fri) at 50%, so this leak has produced quick results...
  10. Floyd

    Hundreds turn out for Trump car parade around Ohio, Indiana towns. 1,000 cars and a huge number of motorcycles. Rolling Thunder.

    There was a large boat parade with thousands of participants in Saint Petersburg. There was another one in Bangor Maine recently with people traveling by land and sea. These events are probably happening all over the country, but are not portrayed in the mainstream media
  11. Floyd

    Do you see your grandparents there???

    Gary says: "Did you even study history, it's your side waving Nazi flags, PLEASE SHOW ME ANTIFA WITH A NAZI FLAG? " Gary, antifa doesn't actually associate or march with Nazi flags, and our side rejects those as well. Of course there are idiots who promote the Nazis, and they have chosen to...
  12. Floyd

    There ARE other tire brands out there

    Gary, it's obvious that Goodyear HR has been taken over by leftists...and that is why we will no longer support them. Useful idiots are free to continue on as before.
  13. Floyd

    News conference with President @realDonaldTrump at 6 pm tomorrow concerning a major therapeutic breakthrough on the China Virus. Sec Azar and Dr Hahn

    Here's the gist of what I hope he says: - Since the beginning of the Covid outbreak, when I suggested HCQ as a therapeutic, the Democrats have conspired with the medical industry and with the press to conceal and restrict the use of HCQ. - These despicable actions by leftists have caused...
  14. Floyd

    Supreme Court Sides With Trump Administration In Asylum Cases 7-2. Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sided with the Trump administration on the case

    Massive illegal immigration is and was considered an emergency by many, and was perhaps the most important promise of Trump's campaign. One of the only presidents in memory to do anything but talk about it, Trump used every method at his disposal to fight it.
  15. Floyd

    Do you remember the first words out of your mouth, when you heard.....?

    While radical democrats are consumed with ad hominims, other sensible people are considering Trump's policies, his promises, and his promises kept. We don't want a shithole country. Take a look at how the democratically controlled cities have devolved into crime-infested, filthy, cesspools. We...
  16. Floyd

    NY Gov discovers the reason for exploding crime rate : It's the police's fault

    It's easy for the governor to say "do something" without any specifications. What will probably happen is that communities will empanel liberal committees consisting of community organizers that will develop more policies of liberal BS that have enabled this lawlessness in the first place...
  17. Floyd

    Here are the names of the 200+ slaves owned by Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica in 1817.

    Alexa tells me that Kamala Harris was born in Oakland CA in 1964. Is she an anchor baby, or perhaps they didn't have the law that a child born in the US is considered a citizen of the US if born in the US in 1964.
  18. Floyd

    In case you missed it

    I thought that the cut was proposed as a temporary measure during this pandemic in an effort to give workers some relief? No politician would survive long by cutting SS to seniors, who vote.
  19. Floyd

    On March 23rd the symptoms started with a fever and my whole body hurt. As the days went on, my whole body would shake,

    Weeks ago, I saw an interview with a doctor who was working with a clinic and he said that they were doing zoom meetings with patients that suspected that they had Covid. The prescriptions for HCQ and Z-pack would be sent out if the doctor thought it was needed. Finding a pharmacy to fill it...