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  1. Floyd

    How about some Mongolian rock music

    I wonder if some of this influence migrated across the Bering sea land bridge to early native americans?
  2. Floyd

    Magnetic pole reversal

    Douglas Vogt has released another wide-ranging video to disburse some more of his research. If you haven't seen anything about this he will seem like a lunatic, but after learning about this subject from a host of researchers I believe he is more like a savant or genius, though he sometimes...
  3. Floyd

    Learn more about our Space Force

    The new branch of our military has been introduced with what seems like small fanfare, considering the potential for our future. Will we be invited to join the galactic council, or are we considered too warlike and primitive? I wish I could be around to see what it all looks like in 50 yrs or so.
  4. Floyd

    Fake news....disected

    I follow Tim Pool and his daily briefings. Here's his analysis of how the socialists are playing the long game and have taken over most of the media and use rumors and innuendo, extrapolating them into lies for consumption by the useful idiots.
  5. Floyd

    A lesson for the usefull idiots

    Growing up in Florida I remember when the first Cuban refugees arrived and joined my classmates in school. For the most part, these people were landowners and professionals who were displaced by Castro. Here's a story of one of those "peter pan children" who came here without their parents...
  6. Floyd

    It's enough to make you sick

    I've been complaining for years that the war on drugs has allowed the police to usurp power above and beyond traditional civil rights as specified in the constitution. Listen to this police stop. This is one of the reasons for the defund the police movement...
  7. Floyd

    Think it's bad now?...just wait

    Friends of mine whom I normally consider rational have been growing increasingly hateful of Trump, giving me pause for predicting a win for him in November even as our support numbers grow. It's like they are hypnotized or something. Since the Tampa Tribune closed down a few years ago we are...
  8. Floyd

    Call to Rise UP?

    Evidently, nobody has the balls to stand up for their cities or neighborhoods. In Seattle a group of anarchists have seized and barricaded a 6 block area and are holding a festival that is inconveniencing 30,000 residents and the businesses who are in that CHOP area. If citizens don't put a...
  9. Floyd

    Bizarro World

    This weekend there was another memorial service for George Floyd in his home town. Fox news covered it live. I tuned over to CNN and they were showing the demonstrations around the coverage or consideration for Floyd. This morning Fox News is covering the Democratic politicians...
  10. Floyd

    Will your doctor prescribe hydroxychloroquine for you?

    I went to my long-time doctor yesterday for my annual physical. I asked the medical assistant who does all the preliminary stuff what their policy was on hydroxychloroquine. She wasn't sure about the corporate policy, or if there was any directive on the subject, but told me that she didn't...
  11. Floyd


    Since the revelations about the Flynn case are coming out, we might also see more information about Russiagate. Here's an informative conversation between two "democrats".
  12. Floyd

    Is it too early to think about election-2024?

    Continuing along the path of a non-politician for president... Introducing Donald Trump Jr:
  13. Floyd

    This is why they banned boating up North nice to see this in a area of Florida that is considered a democratic stronghold.
  14. Floyd

    Media Machinations

    Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how the media is shaping the news we see. If you aren't familiar with Joe Rogan or Tim Poole, these guys are quite possibly the future of how news is disseminated.
  15. Floyd

    Lockdown protests

    There are a number of protests today. On periscope, I'm watching Alex Jones address a crowd in Austin. Kind of funny that when he got up to speak all the cops turned on their sirens to drown him out.
  16. Floyd

    Ode to Billy Jo

    You might remember the Bobby Gentry song from the 60's. I follow the Dixie Cryptid youtube channel, and someone wrote up a story around the song highlights. Take a listen: The song is at the end of the video, for a recap. In fact, it almost seems...
  17. Floyd

    Why are we running out of free lunches?

    County officials wondered why they didn't have enough free lunches at 147 pickup locations in my county. It turns out that the FSA was taking advantage of the situation, and selling the food on social media. It's bad enough when you see long lines of nicer vehicles picking up a weeks worth of...
  18. Floyd

    Government Overreach

    As the nation quibbles over who has the responsibility and authority to reduce or eliminate our isolation mandates, civil rights concerns are starting to push back against draconian rules that unduly restrict us. People in Michigan are protesting in the streets against ridiculous rules that...
  19. Floyd

    Railroad Modeler

    A friend of mine built a fantastic model railroad. I can't imagine how much time he has spent putting in all the trees and bushes, building the buildings, all the realistic stuff modeled after Portland ME circa 1949. This is one of several, showing a trip from Portland up into the white...
  20. Floyd

    Print media is going broke

    As advertising for closed restaurants and many other businesses dries up, newspapers are forced to cut expenses. The leftist rag in Tampa has cut down to two issues per week, and is furloughing employees. This is happening everywhere to some degree. No surprise there I guess, but listen to...