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    Dish to Lose all Nexstar channels on December 2

    This is going to be a mess. Over 164 local channels from around the country, in 120 markets. We will lose Fox and NBC.
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    Instructions for changing the APN to

    I am sick of this. I will never let myself get in a position like this again. I have about 250 customers down. Most have been very appreciative of my attempts to keep them updated. Got a few, However, that are just plain jerks. One is threatening to file a class action suit. What exactly is...
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    Instructions for changing the APN to

    I just tried it. No internet with new APN.
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    Instructions for changing the APN to

    Has anyone tried this to see if it will work today?
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    Another one bites the dust

    If I don't go postal on them first!
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    Dish is 3 weeks behind in svc calls

    Got three calls today from Flex customers that Dish had sold. They said Dish gave them my number and i could do the install. I informed them that was not the case. Dish never seems to give out my number to someone wanting to sign up for new service.
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    Different term, same meaning

    They ran out of lines. AT&T had to create new lines. Hoping going forward it doesn't happen on a regular basis.
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    Dish acquires Boost Mobile.

    I learned yesterday that Boost (Dish) will allow retailers to sell Boost months from now, after they have put together post pay plans.
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    ViaSat throwing in $100 GC

    Has anybody heard whether us retailers might be involved in the SpaceX business model? From what I have gathered, it will require the installation of an external antenna.
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    Summit 2020

    I wonder if the carona virus scare is going to take a toll on the TS attendance. I understand that Vegas is hurting right now.
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    Be sure to check the switch on the wireless AP

    I seem to remember at a team summit about 10 years ago, one of the engineers put a dish wifi stick in the back of a joey 1 and it connected wirelessly to the hopper. Anyone know anything about how that would work?
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    GotW3 Questions... I'll start!

    Also had no problems extending the wifi with Gotw3.
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    Internet advertising. Getting clicks. Any luck?

    What did you do to help boost the organic ranking?
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    Ext antenna issue with newest GotW3 modems and how to fix

    As always, thanks for the heads up!
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    Internet advertising. Getting clicks. Any luck?

    I am selling a lot of Gotw3 units and getting some Dish sales in using Google Adwords. Not smart enough to manage it myself, so I use a company out of Florida. They bid on certain key words and when someone searches in your specified area, your website link comes to the top if you were the...
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    Viasat losing a ton of customers

    Elon Musk seems to be all talk.