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  1. K&R-Dish
    01-19-2011 12:27 AM
    Andy, i've finally quit DISH & Dow "canned me" before I could install myself. I've got a 722 that i used to use from my showroom account & I need to get my own residential account (guess I can't just activate it through another dealer). Are you be interested in "setting me up" as a new customer? I really only need one Dual HD DVR tuner. I'm currently using a DISH 500 Antenna and a 61.5 Dish 300 Antenna for my HD. I've actually got a DISH 1000.2 DISH and LNBF that I never installed. If you want to work something out, you could just ship me the receiver and I would do all the "install work" myself. If you are interested, call me at (478) 361-9678 and we can talk. I work for the AF at Robins AFB in a secure area, so I won't have my cell during the day Wednesday. I'll check my messages at lunch and if you want to email me you can at jay.wood@robins.af.mil. If you are not interested, I'm going to post to the Retailer thread to see if anyone elses wants a new customer.

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